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Artist: UTFO
Song Title: Lethal
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f/ Anthrax

[ Doctor Ice ]

Lethal - meaning - equivalent to deadly

And if you came to battle, homeboy, I hope you're ready

Cause Doc will be the slayer, EMD will be the preacher

Kangol will be the lord while Mix-Master tries to teach ya

Not to fuck with the crew because we take on all comers

Slayin the scums through the winters and the summers

When I perform I wear rings that are nuggets

And you can best believe I'm comin ruff and rugged

Don't get me upset cause I'll persist to doubt you

Beat you in your face cause I don't give a damn about you

I'll make you lose control of your physical anatomy

Smile in my face until I'm gone, then be mad at me

At the Apollo Doctor Ice was cold hearted

I kill all the amateurs before they get started

Whenever I battle it be thunderin and stormin

So don't get nervous, that's just Doc performin


Kill the beat!

Kill the beat!

(Kill the beat!)

Kill the beat!

So suckers don't play us close cause we're lethal

[ all + (Joey Belladonna of Anthrax) ]

Pull out the tools, kill all the fools

And all those suckers sellin drugs in schools

(The White House is unaware) Anthrax!

(Watch the ?????) drop the axe

On all the political people

Killin the poor (like a junkie with a needle)

We was born to be rulin, teachin and schoolin

All that's ??????? while on the stage coolin

Devoted to demolish, slay anyone

And so it was written and so it shall be done

Man, if you think I'm bluffin (you ain't seen nothin)

Ass and caps is all we're bustin



[ all + (Joey Belladonna of Anthrax) ]

We only wanna beat you down with sound

(If the girl wanna get it on

Tell the girl) get on the ground

(Rock it to the left, cause I'm not deaf)

(That's the way...) ah-ha ah-ha

The untouchables, puttin heads to bed

Cause (that's the way...) ah-ha ah-ha

[ Educated Rapper ]

Yo bust it, from state to state they call me the great

In England they call me the educated mate

Cause I'm known to be quiet, at parties we riot

Sometimes I get beside myself, I can't deny it

The rhythm of the beat has EMD on the attack

I'm bad - I'm better - I'm back



[ Kangol Kid + (Joey Belladonna of Anthrax) ]

I'm lethal, and my venom can kill

There ain't a graveyard I can't fill

With bodies I've tortured, ripped in two

(Why) cause I had nothin better to do

If you ask me again, you'll regret it

My name is Kangol, don't forget it

This message is for the illiterate people

What are we, Anthrax? (We're lethal!

Solid like rock, above yo level

Lethal like a bomb, heavy like metal

Mix-Master, do you agree?)

( *DJ scratches "yeah"* )

(Well come on, scratch one for me)

( *DJ scratches* )

[ Joey Belladonna of Anthrax ]

(Full Force, get busy one time)

UTFO is gettin live and lethal

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