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Artist: Utopia
Song Title: Chapter Verse
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I got the dictionary in my hand

But I cant seem to find the word Im looking for

Ive checked every letter, now Im up to z

There just aint anymore

Ive got a million choices in my head

If I could only chose the one that says it best

I shelled out a quarter for a greeting card

Now I cant seem to get my pen to do the rest

But I know it all by heart, chapter and verse

Ill quote you any part, every word

But its so deep inside it cant be heard

Ive got the sunday paper in my hand

And Ive been working on the weekly cryptogram

I know theres a message in between the lines

Thats the same way I am

I got the crossword puzzle half complete

But now I need another word four letters long

Its just like the way I want a perfect fit

I can settle for less but all of them are wrong

There could be no jealousy over my poetry

Its my weakest quality, no vocabulary

I got the scrabble letters in a pile

But there could never be enough to say it all

I know you dont wanna hear the same old line

So youll just have the read the writing on the wall

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