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Artist: Vanilla Sky
Song Title: The Point
Genre: Alternative
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Another day closed in my mind
Think of the things they say I like
They take my time I loose the sight
Of all the things I really need
Scared of anything I?m not
I?m looking for the answer you've got
I?m not made up of what you

I?ll catch the secret
And put it in my head
I won?t let them the chance to use me anymore
I Feel confused now
And lost inside me
cause they want me to give up everything I love

And while they?re trying to waste my time
Condemning people for every kind
Of difference as a human race
I?m makin? my own theory

Now I?ve got an answer
Now I Know There?s something wrong
You?re what you have not what you are

I catch the secret
And put it in my head
And Now I?m Sure that they won?t use me anymore
I Felt confused there
And lost inside me
But now I won?t give up everything that I love

I won?t believe you care at all
And everytime that you?ll say goodbye
I?ll watch my back from your hate

For every people who fells in disgrace
For every prayer to God that I made
For every time I lost my pride

I catch the secret
And put it in my head
And Now I?m Sure that they won?t use me
I Felt confused there
And lost inside me
But now I won?t give up everything that I love All I Love

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