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Artist: Vanilli Milli
Vanilli Milli Author
Album: All or Nothing (1989)
Vanilli Milli - All or Nothing Album
Song Title: Baby Dont Forget My Number
Genre: Electronic
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Babe don't be shy
When you're holding my hand
'Cause this time goes back
You got to understand it's you

Ba ba ba baby in your eyes
I see it so clearly that our love it's so strong
And you never go wrong
I got the best for you so i'm waiting down
If you need someone
Baby call my line
Call me anytime
I'll be there for you you you
I've been searching high high high
I've been searching low

Ba ba ba ba baby
Don't forget my number
Baby don't be stronger than a thunder
Ba ba ba ba baby
Don't forget my number
Love will see you through

I've been searching high
I've been searching low
I want to spend spend my life with you
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
My desper youth
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
Love will see you through

Ba ba baby in your eyes
I see it so clearly

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