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Artist: Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox)
Song Title: Tippin Dominoes (RJD2 Remix)
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[Chorus: repeat 2X]

The same motion, that moves the hip

Has the same efect on dominoes when tipped

I got two forty-five cents embedded

And I won't hesitate to leave your crew shredded


The name, is Vas Kramer

We been rhymin' since playn' hopscotch on top of the earth's surface

If you can't perform a sentence you're worthless

Put your hands up in the back, if you heard this

Yo hipster throw a scratch

To cover my phsyical you need six feet of tape like IMAX

So you can get the clear picture

I'm old school with new thoughts and open wounds, pour salt!

Can Ox is dirtier than a mudslide

And if you get caught, you might die

Let's let the sky decide

The speed is still right

After the Titans colide

Freestyles caught in my head

Starch in my head

Leave you with shreds

You wanna contest a dread

It's magnetic

like live poets metal hands on top of my nuts that's pathetic

If you heard it, then I said it

When it rains it pours don't wet it

Man, you know what I'm saying?



There's only a billion prophocies, one of them's gotta set it

And only two MC's, and one of them's beheaded

Now you leaving the cypher retarded

As if you got caught, it's something you started

clean this shit up! Like whatchamacallit

I see the sea just parted

And Air Vast just called it

Man, you ain't half as tight

I can bend any substance, that's metal nightlight

I can break any rule that's slavery type

I'm awful, we take no shit, that's the form we like

Adam's fam

You wanna fight styles, we got t-shirts that say we cut hands

Son we'll take both of 'em, the first time

So you can't play even play the wind chime

Or the piano, jazz or classical

I'm Vast Aire I might rip out your clavicle

Psh, then it's over

It's like that, I'm in the air, with Jehovah

Or in a, Range Rover

Or maybe in the sky holding onto the tail of a star nova

Crazy?I breathe on the mic if you lazy

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