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Artist: Venom
Venom Author
Album: Resurrection (2000)
Venom - Resurrection Album
Song Title: Black Flame of Satan
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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From blackened flame
Ye shall remain
Ballistic brethren
Dark souls in pain

Defecate on the teachings
Burn into the dirt
Suffocate all the preachings
Bury them in earth

All hail!
Black flame of Satan

From frozen fire
Black angels choir
Safety in numbers (666)
Worship the liar

Defecate on the teachings
Burn into the dirt
Suffocate all the preachings
Bury them in earth

All hail!
Black flame of Satan
Black flame of Satan

By candle light
All hail ye tonight
The master takes a bow
From flame of life

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