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Artist: Venom
Venom Author
Album: In League With Satan (CD 2) (2002)
Venom - In League With Satan (CD 2) Album
Song Title: The Seven Gates Of Hell
Genre: Rock
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In a dream or a nightmare, where love gives way to hate
The quest begins for the keys to the seven gates
Ride the wings of the locust, see the wizard cast his spell
Search for the keys to the seven gates of hell

On heaven's earth where all evil dwells, and man and beast are one
Concealed to all, revealed to none lie hell's infernal gates
Those damned infernal gates

The seven gates of hell!!!

Hear the cry of the zombie, rid the body of it's soul
The quest for the seven keys have become their goal
Steal the wings of the hydra, and the sword from the sacred shrine
Take the strength of the beastand the sinner's mind

Unveiled in death to the sinner
Written in the ancient book of lies
Hear the demons call fromthe crimson waterfall
As the blood rained from the skies

When reality's a dream and every lie is true
In the day when you are me and the night when I am you

When the flame of life grows cold, I'll chime the silent bell
When the unborn child is old
The seven gates of hell!!!!!

We're going through the gates of hell

In heaven's hell so many died in vain
They never got their taste of death
Night shall find the key to set their spirits free
From the seven gates of hell

The seven gates
The seven gates
The seven gates
The seven gates of hell!!!!

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