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Artist: Violent Dirge
Song Title: Laceration
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Poisoning by venom of importance
Non - priority it would be a gravity not to raise
But the march of hyperindividualities
Without any trace of fear of unmasking

Inflicted insults upon myself
More and more...
Caused by ostentatious destruction
Rusting scutum of alienation

The first surfeit of the deepest desires
Jus like Shanghai at dawn
Always ready to unite
All possible excitements

I built myself scaffoding
Upon beautiful, illusory sounds
upon beautiful, illusory love
Now I will dance...

Instinctive attempts of invastion
(As one wish to think) the entrance into paradise
That's plain absurd
The truths revealed lately vulgar provocation

Lack of joy is ability of symbolic fight
Lack of other orthodoxies of "true art - soul" type
Generally make the specific collection of scoundrels
From under the highest mountain

At least I experienced the knowledge
Of feelings always turned down
Nothing I destroyed, rather ennobled
All primitive experiences
Now I'm clear

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