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Album: Freak Magnet (2000)
Violent Femmes - Freak Magnet Album
Artist: Violent Femmes
Song Title: Sleepwalkin
Genre: Indie
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Someone sucked me
late last evening
And it was time to make a change
And i Wonder
am i too late
am i too far a strange
For what i have been doin for all of these years
Sleepwalkin' Sleepwalkin' Slee-ee-eepwalkin'
Sleepwalkin' Sleepwalkin' Slee-ee-eepwalkin'

I have so few good memories
somethings terably wrong
As a singer singing badly
As he tries to sing the wrong song
Look what i have been doing all of these years
Sleepwalkin' Sleepwalkin' Slee-ee-eepwalkin'
Sleepwalkin' Sleepwalkin' Slee-ee-eepwalkin'
Something moving in the light
Something spoke to me and said

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