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Album: Vision Divine (1999)
VISION DIVINE - Vision Divine Album
Song Title: Of Light And Darkness
Genre: Metal
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Here I am, faced to you

Tell me now whatever could I do ?

(Is than now the time to go ?)

Today I wear a face born in the falling rain

And all I need is her shape

(Where are you now ?)

Remember what I said :

"Don't ever lose your faith

When a love is true there is no end..."

Here I lay ; out of the window

Another star is falling,

Another man is dying...

God, I hear an angel knocking to my door :

He comes to wash my sins away

He comes to call my name

Remember what I said :

"Don't ever lose your faith

Now I say one day we'll meet again..."

[Girl:] "Come to me, now you see

There's no end, there's no pain..."

Remember what I said :

"Don't ever lose your faith

Now I say one day we'll meet again..."

Far away, she's waiting there for me...

[Girl:] Far away, he's coming here to me...

Far away, we'll start a new life... For ever

Dreamin' on for ever...

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