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Artist: VLA
Song Title: Gave My Heart To You
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So I gave my heart
What was promised to you
For you, forever to stay
How could I be
I was blind to see in you
Your promise wasn't the same
If I had known you better would this really matter to me
Got to keep up with you
I guess my love is too young
No pride for you

Don't go away
I gave my heart to you
Gave you love
I gave my heart to you baby
My baby, want you to stay
Repeat (1x)

So I kept this love deep inside my heart
For you forever to share
As much as I need you, as much as I pleased you more
I feel you slipping away
If I could turn back the time would it change anything to make it right
Got to be strong to tell you
This is what I want to say, to say to you

Chorus (2x)

How could it be
You were meant for me in my eyes
Love for me was disguise

Nothing matters to you anymore
You took my heart and tore my soul apart
I guess my love was too young
So this is what I want to say, to say to you

Chorus (2x)

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