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Artist: W. Kristine
Song Title: Let Love Reign
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There's a kingdom that lives
Maybe it's only in my mind
Where love reigns all the time
Do you believe? I still believe.

Our brother's sleeping all alone in the park
His head is resting on a pillow of hope
Then he says dance for me
He gives me smiles for free
He trades a joke for mine
And the world is fine
And we let love reign
Reach out and don't be afraid
Everything you do
It will be coming back to you
Let love reign

A rich man's sitting on his velvet couch
His kingdom rains
Until he's drowning my dreams
Then he says sing for me
Give me your song for free
I'd trade his soul for mine if I could only make him kind
And he'd let love reign
Reach out don't be afraid
Everything you do
It's coming back to you
There's a kingdom of kindness where love is
And a rainbow will come with the rain's kiss
And love remains when love reigns

I do believe that love remains
I do believe that love reigns
When love rains
Everything I do is coming back I know
And I will let love reign
Please believe and let love reign

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