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Artist: Waking Ashland
Waking Ashland Author
Song Title: Charity
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I?m losing our connection
Your fading, Like a fashion of last year
Oh you fade away
Once again, I?m shattered down
And you pretend
Your lies are coming true
Oh you fade away
Would you please fade away

So tell me
Tell me why you lead me on then walk away
You play me, and lose me
I?m so weak, you broke me down again

A charity I refuse to be
I?m coming down
From the cloud you put me on
Oh you fade away
A travesty is all I see
I?m falling out
The life in me is gone
Oh you fade away
Would you please fade away

I?m not a chore
I?m so much more
tomorrow I?ll be gone
You told me lies with those lips
Deceptions everywhere
And you take me for granted
You take me for granted

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