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Artist: Waking Ashland
Waking Ashland Author
Song Title: Longshot
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You made the call
I step outside, cross that line
And I lose control
Because I've been waiting
It's beautiful to let go don't you know
Your everything I try to be
The rise and fall to respond to the call
I got butterflies

Your all I have
So break me down
Your all I am
And nothing else matters

This is a longshot
Its all I have
I'm ready to step it up
All I need is your hand
This is a long shot
Its who I am
I'm ready to take off
All I need is a plan

I'm calling out
Take me, make me
I'm finding out
You are my reason
Its beautiful to let go don't you know
Your everything I try to be
The rise and Fall to respond to the call
I sing a new song


This is a longshot
This is the Longest shot
I'm barely moving you keep
Me breathing

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