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Artist: Waking Judea
Song Title: My Curse Is A Sign Of Relief
Genre: Alternative
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Angels are not innocent. When feather come from their coughs. I will burn the churches where your childern once stood. because lust is dead for this boy. Why should anyone else enjoy a sin, when i live with it everyday of my life. I regret your taste. You should regret mine. Felt the ignorance on you that night. There is such thing as eternal torment. I said I would fight for you, with one last lie.

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  • Of Creation
    "Your smile makes me hit rewind. When it starts to snow on my surveillance, and i do back several years. Almost to the start. Wearing raincoats in the sun, being the soldiers that we once were. Seated on the stairs. Listening to the fights. We are armed. Now we stand side by side with only the bodies of the past; lying cold behind us. As the wind passes by, swings screech and waves break. This chain-linked fence holds me from you and that city. This sky laughs at how we suffer, but it hasn't seen the moments we've shared. PLease will the engines of creation to commence my h eart. Time is not on our side, blood is all that we have left.

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  • Error In Pretex
    "And in spite of helping myself; I ruined my life and others. These intestines of mine moan when you walk out that door. I should have devoured you. I loved every moment with you. Every fucking word that whimpered out of your mouth. You didn't see the torment, because of the abuse. I should have devoured you that night. I tried to help you, I tried to fight. Everything i did you burned with your thoughts.

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    "He fucking jumps out a window every night for your happiness. He lands on the pieces of glass knowing that it will feel better than the words that come from your throat. The blood running from his shattered face is warmer than the tears he used to shed for you. He prays that they forgot under the covers. When he curls up at night looking at the past spread out onto his bed, thinking, "what if she wasn't there?", would those butterflies stop gnawing on his esophagus? He calls out your name when there are six feet of his life left. Then you finally call back.

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