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Artist: Walker Jerry Jeff
Song Title: Bad Girl
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Jerry Jeff Walker

Hey let me tell you 'bout a girl I know

Billie Courntey, she's the belle of Bandera, Texas

Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know back there in my hometown

She's the kind I like to go dancing with when the sun goes down

One time she rode her horse into the cowboy bar

She mostly like to go camping underneath the stars

She's got a reputation as a girl who likes to go to far


She ain't a bad girl, she likes to do bad things

She ain't a wild child, she just takes wild flings

She really isn't nothing but her daddy's girl

Who grew up kind of horsy in a cowboy world

Just when you think you know her

She turns around and goes her own way

There's thing about the girl I like and things about her I don't lik

I know she got divorced and had to pack 'er up and move back home

I know she loves to cook and sew up her own things

And though she's separated, wears her wedding ring

There's time she stays out all night, but mostly she goes home alone


She got a hickey on her neck, but what the heck she's flesh and blood

Now telling me she's sexy just like telling Noah about the flood

I know her voice is husky on the telephone

I know she loves to drive fast and sing Elvis songs

She says sleazy don't mean easy, buddy back off when you're coming on


Just when you think you know her, she turns around and goes her own way

Just when you think you know her, she turns around and goes her own way

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