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Artist: Walker Jerry Jeff
Song Title: Candles and Cut Flowers
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Jerry Jeff Walker

She likes candles and cut flowers, rearranging them for hours

And as she's lost in thought, I see the girl she was

I watch her standing in the kitchen,

Snipping stems off with her scissors

And humming out a love song, like she always does

Then the flowers go in vases that appear in all the places

That gives the world around her, a little woman's touch

And she's the kind of woman, every woman wants to be like

And every man like me can't live without

Next she changes out the candles that have melted on the mantles

From the party that she hosted, just some nights ago

Then the round one on the piano, its unusual for the deep glow

That emanates inside it, when the wick is low

And the tall ones by the window, that she likes because the soft glow

Gives the room a feeling that she's not alone

And when she's not around you, you feel like something's missing

But the candles and the flowers say she's there

She likes dinners with old friends, late-night calls that come from girlfriends

She'll listen and tell them, if they're wrong or right

Later on she'll draw a hot bath, light a candle, play some soft jazz

Melt down in the bubbles, and the candlelight

Before bed she likes some white wine, says it helps her mind to unwind

As she reads a little while and drifts off in the night

And as she lies there sleeping, I can't believe she loves me

But when she says she loves you, you feel loved

She likes candles and cut flowers, rearranging them for hours

And as she's lost in thought, I see the girl she was

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