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Artist: Waltham
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Song Title: Dont Say Too Late
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See his picture in my place is telling
Me I?m not good anymore
See you sitting in his car is driving
Me insane cuz? I?m not sure
Making choices, hearing voices telling
Me to stand outside your door

So I can?t get you all alone
Face to face, not on the phone
And I?ll bend a knee and try my best to let you know

Wait, don?t tell me you?re the one, the one that got away
I never meant to let you go
So I?m not trying to delay it, I?m trying to hurry up
So I can tell you at the show

Every night I?m at the space inventing
Ways to show how much I care
Putting words together, but forever
Doesn?t work if you?re not there

So now I know what needs to do
I?m going to fess it up to you
So can?t you see that babe, the rest is up to you

Wait, don?t tell me you?re the one
The one that got away
I never meant to let you go
So I?m not trying to delay it,
I?m trying to hurry up
So I can tell you at the show

Wait, don?t say it?s too late
Just give me a chance
A better second time around
So babe, if that ain?t the case
I?m never coming back
Cuz baby what I lost, he found

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