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Artist: War
Song Title: So
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[Intro: Warcloud]
You find ya self devoured by woodland creatures
Lightin' matches under my hat, ghost pirates
Frosty mug of rum

Old Los Angeles, heroin epidemics
I bust slugs, they love to figure skate through me
We had a merry war, turn M.C.'s to cannon boys
I carved Wu-Tang in the tie, you heard the stabbin' noise
Raw head breaks, snake eater of dungeon
A web of dead bodies in the sewer, underground London
Passion in the desert, my guns'll love backwards
Just around the royal staircase, he runs laughter
Just around the royal staircase, he runs laughter
My forearm is made out of rifles that bust factor
And pop might murder the woman in the here after
I laugh cuz I'm a pirate, shot you twice in the abdomen
Then opened up the back of his head, like a cabinet
The blood sprained into my face
And ran down my revolver like the gaze of the next victim I slaughtered
Caught within a second, he wandered down the tunnel
Feel the ghost of a little boy rammed by, at the end
I squeeze a trigger violent, Warcloud the tyrant
All wet wit blood, on Godly assignment
Slap a whipper snapper, ya's better mount up and slither
I smack you like a bear, watch a salmon out of a river

[Chorus 2X: Warcloud]
Roll him up in the carpet, carry him up the staircase
Ghost Pirates, Old Los Angeles, and we're fabulous
Rhyme biohazardous, shot him twice in the abdomen
Then opened up the back of his head, like a cabinet

My liquids drip through ya storm drains, stained window sills
Black feathered birds gathered in the back of the cornfield
Stuck like a quicksand on rich land
While apostle tried to translate the novels in the palm of my hand
I break training wheels and kick stands

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