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Artist: War
Song Title: The Sons Of War
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Carry with you my anger and hate

Be strong and avenge my death always

Bear with you my darkest thoughts

And punish every weak drop of gods blood

Carry with you the memories of our brotherhood

Be wise and let none cross you on your way

Bear in mind that are born of Satan's power

And finally let our dreams come true

We are the sons of Satan

We are the sons of war

Brothers united by evil

To extinguish the fucking world

Carry with you my words and immortalize 'em

Be brave and never give up our cause

(Bear me with you in your thoughts

And kneel in front of our common warlord)

(Watch me sit there at Satan's side

Be evil and show no fucking mercy

Bear in your heart the never ending fire

And the fatal darkness will await)

We are the sons of Satan

We are the sons of war

Brothers united by evil

To extinguish the fucking world

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