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Artist: War and Peace
Song Title: Believe In Yourself
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Close your eyes
What do you see
What you can be

Believe in yourself
I know you'll make it through
If you believe in yourself
Like I believe in you
Yes, I do

Hold my hand
Let your mind run free
You can have anything you want
Everythying you need

If you believe in yourself
That's all you have to do
Just believe in yourself
Like I believe in you

You heart beats
And it starts to raise you
But everything seems to fall
Right into place

Now you see
What your mind can do
Give it some more time
And your dreams will all come true

'Cause you believe in yourself
And you know what you can do
You believe in yourself
Like I believe in you
Yes, I do
Like I believe in you
Like I believe in you, yeah
Like I believe in you

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