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Artist: Warcloud
Song Title: Dead Man And His Step Son
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[The Untouchables sampled]
Wait, oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman
Wait, wait Mr. Postman
I think Mr. Postman looked at me
Woah yeah, you got a letter in your bag for me
Please please Mr. Postman
Oh yeah

[Scooby Doo sample]
Shaggy : Like what do we do now?
Fred : Well, there's no doubt in my mind that that hermit's the Creeper
Daphne : Let's get back to the Mystery Machine and go for the Sheriff
Shaggy : Boy am I glad we've see the last of that creeper
Scooby : Me too
Velma : The Creeper!
Shaggy : Zoiks! It's him!

[Intro: Warcloud]
Warcloud, unique, yeah
Beat City, Verbal Warriors
Observe the coridoriors
Yo yo

Unmarked graves, bow havens, jaw breaker tycoons
Choke sleeper porsche from the land fields, my jam kills
Rusty iron giant who razmadazz the world
Smash a champ soda, took his bike, left him his girl
Candy her phalanges, we smuggle booze in the graveyard
Lust vine of roses, I pop shots ferocious
And rewire your faulty brain circuitry as a courtesy
If you cop the drop, emergency home surgery
From the mandibles of a mechanical cannibal
A titanical, breumatical moseic dismantled you
And snapped 3 million bare skeletons, creatures rotting
In the museum I pot bodies of foreign bodies
Ultimate heavy cannon, seven ships and seven hats
Victorious storm by rave 'barian followed by eleven bats
Off to my room base, one of the moons of Pluto
Then back to blast the city, sneaky Pete and black Bart
Six finger gym wine opener, the train through the desert
On the horse with no name and heavy fame
Green hunting hawk, hunting swan, atomic pesticides
I burst through your Great Wall of China, you demoleculise
Grail jail crush

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