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Artist: Ward 21
Ward 21 Author
Album: Mentally Disturbed (2001)
Ward 21 - Mentally Disturbed Album
Song Title: HATERS
Genre: Reggae
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Verse 1:
A nuff a dem deh pussy deh nuh like we cause we nice
A buss the platinum wrist wid all a finger full a ice,
We tell a fassy splurt wi nuh haffi warn a fassy twice,
Walk and live, talk and dead, a which one a yuh choice,
Fuck up the world wid this ya new music device,
A so wi inna dem head and wi nah come out like lice,
A who fa gal nuh know wi, wi ago roll dem like a dice,
And fire fi di man weh eat di pussy like a rice,
A nuff a dem nuh like wi tru mi crew a slam Joyce,
And if yuh love the rhythm inna di air yuh hand fi heist,
We drop di gal thief and dat really nuh suffice,
And if dem think wi done wi ago give dem a surprise,
A who say dem a shotta and a grudge wi fi we ice,
Wi nice but that mi really nuh haffi tell yuh twice,
And try fi put wi down wi ago rise again like Christ,
And bun a batty bwoy, yeah, a sodomite,

Aahhh, a nuff a dem a freak,
Den how dem waa fi class mi when all part dem a leak,
Ward 21 a speak, yuh nuh like it hold a seat,
Cause if yuh talk wi kick yuh ass to the middle a next week,

Verse 2:
A nuff a dem a watch mi an dem caa match mi crew,
Tell dem go suck dem gal until har sopin turn blue,
A bwoy a chat off him mouth an wi a ask dem a who,
All now nuh man nuh answer cause dem know wha we will do,
Wi black talon dem nuffa than animal a zoo,
A we thief Jill and shot up bwoy blue,
And Jack bend up him face an wi shot that two,
Dem nuh like see woman smile anytime we pass thru,
(Telephone ring) Hello Poochie Lu,
It come in like mi slam two a di gal dem inna yuh crew,
And by the week fi done mi affi kill the other two,
Some people smoke weed and other people drink brew,
All a the top shotta unu respect due,
And any pussy nuh like wi tell them hold strew,
A straw mi mean, bad man mek mistake too,
So come and mek wi bun a batty bwoy crew

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