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Artist: Ward 21
Ward 21 Author
Album: U know We Roll (2003)
Ward 21 - U know We Roll Album
Song Title: Rhyme
Genre: Reggae
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(without talking)


So mi sey, you want a rhyme, I got a rhyme
mi have di gyal tune fi mek dem move dem waist line
so them spine in di time, matter over mind

Verse 1:

Da one yah name rhyme
have a new style and it rule everything
sometime mi DJ, sometime mi rap
want a fat gyal fi come si dung inna mi chair
if a gay club, I nah go inside
haffi have a gyal fi gimmie di wickest slam
bun a fire pon di mon dem wey a chew
even if yuh vex, you caah rush mi and mi friend
bare big machines we have locked pon di corner
big up di ganja mon dat nuh stop bun
dem married life is a serious ting,
careful how yuh put on yuh tuxedo
and thats all I have to say about that

Repeat Chorus 2x

Verse 2:

When we buck it off duck
anywhere we go, a gyal she must get sex
everybody wonda what coming afta
tek it fi truth, mi soon a dead wid (?)
gyal dem keep whinning, and dem waist rotating
everybody wonda how much gyal we looking
come inna mi kitchen, a food yuh see boilin
watching my business and fi dem own a mash up

Repeat Chorus 2x
Repeat Chorus 2x
(More Talking)
Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Chorus untill fad

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