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Artist: Warhammer
Warhammer Author
Album: Deathchrist (1999)
Warhammer - Deathchrist Album
Song Title: The Tempter Of Destruction
Genre: Metal
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[Lyrics by F. Krynojewski]

[Music by F. Krynojewski]

Through a world made of stone

All faith has frozen over

On the passage of our doom

A hell on earth is what we have created

Who will survive these ruthless times

When belief has failed and nothing's left

In the heat of a thousand suns

The nuclear winter emerges


Beware the tempter of destruction

Fiend of slander and hate

Beware the tempter of destruction

Destroyer of fate

The thorn of anger is rising

And the revelations become true

Armageddon's descent is real

There's no remorse for the traitor

We made the false decisions

Constellation leads into the dark

Ashes will fall upon their heads

When there's no tomorrow for the sinner


Worldwide damage means nothing to us

In our greed for strength and power

The curse is lasting on us all

Now there's nowhere left to turn

Storms destroy the landscapes

Woods and fields drift far away

Illusions of peace are buried

And darkness surrounds us forever


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