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Artist: Warhead
Song Title: The Healing
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[music: eilen]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by breitenbach]

the black sunshine high above

smell dead children, forget to love

soul burns brightly, never see

never hear a word from me

one door is open, one door is locked

i am the mountain, the highest rock

you'll never reach the end until

your hands work for my own will


a loaded pistol in your hand

will never be my command

the dream you reach in your mind

well, i'm polite, you'll never find

without my hand, without my feet

a man is nothing more than meat

hell is for those who criticize

the truth, it lies behind my eyes


i don't possess you, i don't care

that's not my kind of warfare

trust me, you're small together we're tall

when you give me your life, child

it is the last time you will smile

for me the biggest, endless thrill

you never thought that i'd kill


and from the point that you are mine

you start to learn a different side

the one who reaches out for me

is trapped by sick misanthropy

cause i deliver you from good

i treat you like nobody would

say hello to the masters knife

and say good-bye to the beat of life



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