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Artist: Wariner Steve
Song Title: Crash Course in the Blues
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To a boy from Indiana fresh off the farm
L.A. looks like heaven with its ever open arms
My mama said to watch yourself like mamas always do
Daddy said those city girls will walk all over you

So I hit the pavement running down on Hollywood and Vine
I got to town by seven and I fell in love by nine
She was a California angel wearing alligator shoes
She had that something that a poor boy can't refuse
She was incredible, she was
A crash course in the blues


Now we're screaming down the freeway
In this fancy foreign car
Headed for another party
Never seen so many stars
Just when I thought I'd make my move
And ask her to be mine
She takes off with somebody else
And kisses me goodbye
She was incredible, she was
A crash course in the blues


Well she was way too hard to handle
For a country boy like me
She's still a Roman candle
Burning in my memory
She was unbelievable, she was
A crash course in the blues

She was incredible, she was
A crash course in the blues
That's right

Instrumental to fade...

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