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Artist: Warlock
Warlock Author
Song Title: Down Out
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Hey, guy

Its not in order

To walk around like the lads

cause for people of my age

Youre a stranger

Youre from a distant scene

Like a fox in a cage

Like a junkie without h

And I can clearly make out

You dont have no clue

Id rather forget you

Dont know what my lifes all about.

And you run and run and run

You cant get away

You just try to escape

From your age Im afraid

Pretending to be young.

You cant get it done

Down and out, youre a bum

You cant get it done

Down and out, youre a loser

When you start to explain

That you did it just for me

I tell you straight: "too far out !"

Forget all your fears

Cry out all your tears

Its the only chance to save your soul

And you run and run and run

But cant get away

You just try to escape

From your age, Im afraid

Youre just insane

You cant get it done

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