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Artist: Warmen
Warmen Author
Album: Beyond Abilities (2001)
Warmen - Beyond Abilities Album
Song Title: Dawn
Genre: Metal
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You think your life is gone.

There is no reason to be.

Thinking all the time that same thing:

"What am I doing here?"

Stop thinking like that!

Get yourself together

Or I shall kick that shit out of you!

It's easy for you to say!

You don't know what I am dealing with.

I have tried "nostrums" and shrinks

"No effect for me."

I am too tired for this normal bullshit.

Just leave me alone!

May you live to see the dawn?

A new day will come, you'll be reborn.

Oh! What a loser!

What has happened to you?

You are not the same person I used to know!


Let those nightmares go and

give yourself a second chance

because you deserve it!

May you live to see the dawn?

A new day will come, you'll be reborn.

You search for your destiny from a crystal ball...

You will find your path, when your time has come...

May you live to see the dawn?

A new day will come, you'll be reborn.

May you live to see the dawn?

A new day will come, you'll be reborn.


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