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Album: Wanted Dead Or Alive (2003)
WARREN ZEVON - Wanted Dead Or Alive Album
Song Title: Iko-iko
Genre: Easy Listening
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written by M. Jones, S. Jones, J. Jones, J. Thomas
1964 arc publishing melder publishing and trio music
(admin by warners-tama ) copyright 1964
Now, your grandma's, and my grandma's,
sittin' by the fire
My grandma told your grandma,
"I'm gonna set your flag on fire."
Hey, now (hey now) Hey now, (hey now)
Iko-iko an dey (yeah)
Chakko mo fino, ah-nah-ney
Chakko mo fi-nah-ney
Now, your flag boy and my flag boy
Was sittin' by the fire
My flag boy told your flag boy
"I'm gonna set your flag on fire."
Hey, now (hey now) Hey now, (hey now)
Iko-iko an dey (yeah)
Chakko mo fino, ah-nah-ney
Chakko mo fi-nah-ney
(Hey, hey now)
Now, look at my king,
All dressed in red
Iko-Iko an-dey
I betcha' five dollars,
He'll kill ya dead
Chakko mo fi-nah-ney
Hey, now (hey now) Hey now, (hey now)
Iko-iko an dey (hey)
Chakko mo fino, ah-nah-ney
Chakko mo fi-nah-ney
IKO! (descending into general hilarity)

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