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Artist: Warzone
Warzone Author
Album: Old School to the New School (1994)
Warzone - Old School to the New School Album
Song Title: Judgement Day
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The day will come, maybe you'll see
All your ignorance, it will destroy you
Everything you do, everything you say
Step on everyone just to get your way
I've seen this, it's happened before
Now I'm too strong, you're gonna fall
All your lies, all my pain
Will come back to you on the Judgement Day
I've had it with everyone's lies
Always trying to tear out my insides
Need to put me down to bring yourself up
Man, that's so fucked up
In all your hate, you're going down
But I'm growing up
Need to put me down to bring yourself up
Man, you're so fucked
I've seen this, it's happened before
Now I'm too strong, you're gonna fall
All your lies - all my pain
Will come back to you on the judgement day

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