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Artist: Washington Keith
Song Title: Make Time For Love
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I'm coming home early today
I've been going crazy, no I just can't wait.
I'm gonna love you 'til you cannot take no more.
Tonight I'm yours,
and I'm ready to explore.
Lately I've been working overtime,
so when it comes to money, we'll be alright.
I make more than enough, let's make time for love.

Ooh, for love. Ooooh.

A card to say that I love you so,
for no special reason, just to let you know.
And maybe I can find a little band of gold.
I'm coming home, gonna love you all night long.
I got your favorite flowers by my side.
I've even got a bottle of our favorite wine.
Tonight is for us,
Let's make time for love.

For love, for love ooooh for love
Make time.
Fine time.

Seems like we're always in a hurry,
love is always the sacrifice, oh.
Tonight aint nothing gonna tear us apart.
I'm ready to start, and I aint gonna stop.

It may get crazy, the times may get rough, yeah.
We've got a lot of love , so don't let it go.
Tonight I'm gonna take you into overload.
You never know,
we just might explode.

Tonight the stars speak of love,
and since we love each other
I think that's reason enough,
to make time for love.

Ohhh, love me baby
I said all I wanna do is make sweet love to you
Come here baby
I'm willing and able
To love you the way you need to loved

Come on baby
Take your flowers
Let's wine and dine one another
Love each other
And make time for love
Right here and now
Right here and now

Baby can we make time
Spend time
For love...
For love

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