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Artist: Wasp
Wasp Author
Album: Unholy Terror (2001)
Wasp - Unholy Terror Album
Song Title: Wasted White Boys
Genre: Metal
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And pour me wine
I'll do the Devil's daughter
Fill my glass and kick your ass
I'll do it any time
Oh, I don't want no Holy rollers
On you knees
There's no time to waste tonight
No don't hold me rollers
I don't need
Cause I might die tonight
It's come down to blows
With a bloody nose
I am - wasted and out of order
Demon swill with a thirst to kill
I'll do it anytime
Oh I don't want no Holy rollers
On your knees
There's no time to waste tonight
No don't hold me rollers
I don't need
Cause I might die tonight

Wasted boys feeling no pain
Howl at the moon in the night
Just give me shooters and that demon cocaine
I'm the devil alright

I'm a wasted white
White boys better
Run for you lives
It's do or die, die
I'll tell you why
Wasted white boys ride free and I'd
Rather die that get civilized
Oh let me ride

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