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Artist: Waterboys
Waterboys Author
Album: The Best of the Waterboys 1981-1990 (1991)
Waterboys - The Best of the Waterboys 1981-1990 Album
Song Title: Fishermans Blues
Genre: Indie
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Performed by The Waterboys
Produced by Mike Scott
Written by M. Scott/S. Wickham

I wish I was a fisherman
tumblin' on the seas
far away from dry land
and it's bitter memories
castin' out my sweet line
with abandonment and love
no ceiling bearin' down on me
save the starry sky above
with light in my head
with you in my arms...
i wish i was the brakeman
on a hurtlin fevered train
crashin head long into the heartland
like a cannon in the rain
with the feelin of the sleepers
and the burnin of the coal
countin the towns flashin by
and a night that's full of soul
with light in my head
with you in my arms...

And I know I will be loosened
from the bonds that hold me fast
and the chains all around me
will fall away at last
and on that grand and fateful day
I will take thee in my hand
I will ride on a train
I will be the fisherman
With light in my head
You in my arms...

Light in my head
You in my arms...

Light in my head

With light in my head
You in my arms...

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