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Artist: Waterdown
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Song Title: Transient
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we'd like to take the year off

to think about

what brought us here and where

and when everything went wrong

now we're standing in the wellfare line

in fact we're running

because we're out of time

we got to make a living

and there's nothing left for us

the same bad news is all we get, the same

debt, the same guilt, the same hate

is that really all that's left of us?

your face is still everywhere but it's

just fragments i guess

that fit so seamless

into all the other ones

you know far too well

in your fifteen square meter

cracked up world

we go on living with our tv sets

we'll pay our bills and take the threats

but someday we'll start to think about

what we lost

we lost control now we're objects

we lost our hearts what did we expect

we lost each other now there is really

nothing left for us

nothing can we regain our consciousness

the remsins on the battlefield

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