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Artist: Waterloo Robinson
Song Title: My Little World
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Just take a look around you
my friends -
See everything with open eyes

And you'll be wise! The world is full of colour
And so many little things to get you singin'.
My My My - I feel that I can fly!
My My My - I'm floating in the sky!
Yeah! My My My - You only have to try
My My My - I watch passing by.
If you feel down and mellow and blue

Listen to me take my advise:
Look at the skies - you see the golden sun appear out
From behind the darkest cloud and you'll sing.

My My My - I feel that I can fly
. . .
If you will take the rain with the sun

The good
the bad - then you'll be glad
And never sad! You'll find that pot of gold

That's waiting just for you at the rainbow's end.
My My My - I feel that I can fly
. . .

Yeah ! My My My - I feel that I can fly! My My My

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