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Artist: Watermark
Song Title: My Covering
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I died in Your death my Lord
Glory, glory to Your name
Buried in the grave with You
Glory, glory to Your name
And I arose with You my Lord,
Glory, glory to Your name!

Your blood is my covering
My sheltering, where life comes from
Your blood is my innocence
My righteousness, where I begin

Once so far, I am brought near
Glory, glory to Your name
Raised and seated up with You
Glory, glory to Your name
And reconciled to God in You
Glory, glory to Your name!


Death has no victory
Sin has no hold on me
I'm covered in my Christ who is my life....
And I arose with You my Lord
Glory, glory to Your name
Glory, glory to Your name


And Your blood is my covering...
Oh Lord, its where I begin
Your life, Your love, Your blood falls over me
And Your blood is my covering....
Your love it falls over me
And your blood is my covering...

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