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Artist: Watley Jody
Watley Jody Author
Album: Greatest Hits (0)
Watley Jody - Greatest Hits Album
Song Title: Everything
Genre: Rock
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I feel so all alone
Can't find the joy
You know that I'd be with you now
If I had the choice
I know I hurt you when I said goodbye
And I don't know the reason
I ever stopped believing
I never needed anyone but you, oh

I was too blind to see
When you belonged to me
You were my everything
Now I'd give anything
To feel the love you bring
You were my everything

They say time can mend a broken heart
And fix you up
But my life will never, ever be the same
Without your touch
I know you're still afraid to let me in
And I don't blame you really
I wouldn't let you see me
I took for granted you would always be there


I know I hurt you when I said goodbye
And I don't know the reason
I ever stopped believing
I never needed anyone but you


You were my life
You were my love
You were my everything

You were my life
You were my everything

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