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Artist: Wax
Song Title: In Some Other World
Genre: Rock
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The prophet born again
the Bibie in his hand

With fire and brimstone eyes.
The saviour on TV with tax immunity
donations exorcized.

Who are these men in their ivory towers

not heaven sent
Worshipping greed in the name of Jesus
save our souls!

In some other world you'd be branded as thieves

Thrown to your knees and made to answer.
In some different time they would lock you away

As mad men I'd say Amen.

Behind the public smile the politicians guile

so vain and powerful.
Elected for his hair by people unaware
it's unbelievable.

Brothers in arms robbing the future
shining in childrens eyes.
Shame on this world
shame on our country
shame on you.
In some other world you'd be branded as thieves
. . .

We built you an altar instead of an outcast

We made you a king respected and wealthy

The verdict is in
the jury is guilty.

Worshipping greed in the name of Jesus
shame on you!
In some other world you'd be branded as thieves
. . .
In some other world you'd be branded as thieves
. . .

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