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Album: Legends (2002)
Waylon Jennings - Legends Album
Artist: Waylon Jennings
Song Title: Love Of The Common People
Genre: Country
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Love Of The Common People
Waylon Jennings and The Waylors
(John Hurley & Ronnie Wilkins)

Livin' on free food tidbits
Water in the milk from the hole in the roof
Where the rain came through
What can you do? Ummhum

Tears from little sister
Cryin' cause she doesn't have a dress
Without a patch, for the party to go
Oh, but she knows, she'll get by

She is..Livin' In The Love Of The Common People
Smiles from the heart of a family man
Daddy's gonna buy her a dream to cling to
Moma's gonna love her just as much as she can
she can

It's a good thing you don't have bus fare
It would fall through the hole in your pocket
Then you'd loose it in the snow on the ground
A walkin' to town, to find a job

Tryin' to keep your hands warm
But the hole in your shoe,let the snow
Come through and it chills to the bone,
Boy, you better go home,where it's warm

repeat-2 Where you can....

Livin' on dreams ain't easy
But the closer the knit,the tighter the fit
And the chills stayin' away
You take em in your stride,family pride

You know that faith is your foundation
And with a whole lot of love and a warm
Conversation,with plenty of prayers
Makin' you strong,where you belong

Where you can live in the love of a common people
Be the pride and the heart of a family man
Daddy's gonna buy you a dream to cling to
Moma's gonna love you just as much as she can
she can

Livin' in the love of a common people
Be the pride and the heart....(fade)


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