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Artist: WC and the Maad Circle
Song Title: Feel Me
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(I wanna know do you feel it

Let me know do you feel it

Do you feel it) --> Ohio Players

Make ya feel me

I'm with this right here

Hey yo Toones, turn my headphones up

Turn em up nigga

I can't hear shit

Fuck them muthafuckas

Fuck that nigga

I'm in this muthafucka

Yeah nigga, right here

[ VERSE 1: WC ]

Freeze, nobody move, hands up

This ain't no muthafuckin game, niggas is gettin stuck

So uhm (uhm) get yo ass ready for the big beat bangin

(What?) dick danglin, pants saggin

Rank slangin while Toones spin the records

Going back, back, forth and back

It's that local janky-ass junkyard funk kickin

Purse-snatchin car-jackin Ripple-sippin

187, with the world I got beef

And I don't wanna hear no talk about peace

Cause I been lied to, cheated, dissed and mistreated

A victim of a sodomy to this record industry

So now it's on to the fullest, so get the bullets

Cause that's the only way y'all gon' stop me when I do this

Like ping, ba-ba-bam, straight to your jaw, fuck seein me

In '95 I'ma make sure you cowards feel me


(I wanna know do you feel it

Let me know do you feel it

Do you feel it)

(Fo' hoppin, ass droppin) --> Ice Cube

(I wanna know do you feel it

Let me know do you feel it

Do you feel it)

(Fo' hoppin, ass droppin)

[ VERSE 2 ]

Feel me, feel me while I dip through your hood

Just mobbin and squabbin cause we up to no good

(No good) I got a MAAD-ass Circle full of gees

Rollin treys and fo's and El Caminos on D's

( ? ) with the ( ? ) amps

Bendin the corner as I floss all my Zeniths slide across

Lookin for my competition, if any

I'm burnin rappers like ( ? ) mama burned Penny

But this ain't _Good Times_, it's nothin but hard times

And where I'm from, we kick nothin but rough rhymes

The M-A-A-D C-i-r-c-l-e

Slingshot khakis and a pair of wallabees

Three braids in my beard represents the year

Of another LP for those chose to sleep

Best to wake up, recognize, I comes with the real, Dub C

Doin dirt to make sure you muthafuckas feel me


[ VERSE 3 ]

Last verse, now how should I come with the wickedness?

Now I got you noddin to my bassline riff

Goin bump-bump-bump, the guitar strums

As I beat you down with the drums

The lyrical night stalker, still payin dues

And this year I'm servin many and anything that moves

So which one of y'all wanna run up

And be the first to get your whole dome ( ? )

Fool, I'm makin noise like a Glock on your block

When I drop, ever since I popped it don't stop

And even if I stut-stu-tu-stuttered over the beat

I still can catch wreck, so don't try to compete

( ? ) amateurs best to play the back

Or fuck around and get that ass rocked and rolled up like Anthrax

This ain't no joke dudes, I pray for my enemy

(I pray for em) Lord have mercy when they feel me


( *adlibs* )

( *DJ Crazy Toones scratches* )

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