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Artist: WC and the Maad Circle
Song Title: Out on a Furlough
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* car pulls up *

Hey fellas

Any of you guys seen Willie Calloway?

Wille who, man?

What you talkin bout?

Calloway, Willie Calloway

What this fool talkin bout?


If y'all think I'm goin back to that muthafucka, you're crazy


[ VERSE 1: W.C. ]

It all started on a Saturday night, yo, I was restin my nerves

Coolin at the pad, smokin herb

Had a show the next day, so I figured I'd rest

Cause when I throw a show, I like to give it my best

Yo, that's when I heard the telephone ring

It was my homie named Gee, big baller from around the way

Said he had a party and he wanted me to come

And I couldn't even front, cause I owed him one

See, Gee was a homie from a long time ago

When I was young, he used to let me get the rag 6-4

I used to sell dope with him, even went to jail with him

He put me down, ain't no way I could forget about him

So now I got myself coolin at a party

On amp, playin dominos, drinkin Bacardi

Sittin at a table with some fools I don't know

Rollin the Endo, and sippin on Cisco

I had a feelin that just wouldn't quit

Bein around too many high rollers made me itch

I ain't the one to wear silk, so I felt like a jerk

Cause I was the only in some jeans and a t-shirt

Fools kept stearin at me, lookin kinda funny

Big Six on the table takin all the money

The party was on until the drink got low

That's when Gee slid me 10 to make a run to the sto'

He wanted me to roll with his homie named Joe

Smart baller, by the way, who drove a raggedy Pinto

That's when I knew right then and there

I had a funny-ass feelin it was trouble in the air

Cause now I'm on the roll with this nigga named Joe

Who wore [???] with a big-ass afro

Just my luck we got pulled to the side

(What happened?) Cocaine in the back of the ride

Since I ain't a snitch, I was thrown in the jailhouse

Doin 5 years over dope I didn't know about

No more women, and no more shows

Wish I was out on a furlough


Time again you wanna lock me up

Lock me up, lock me up

Time again you wanna lock me up

A nigga like me, you wanna lock me up

[ VERSE 2: W.C. ]

So now I'm in the jailhouse gettin all swoll'

Doin 2 to 5 for this nigga I don't know

Fools say jail ain't nothin to sweat

But if you ain't got a rep, you gotta claim your set

But I don't bang, y'all, so what can I say?

I'm just a funky rapper from around the way

But right in my face about a million brothers stood

Throwin up gangsigns, representin they neighborhood

Brother named Black who ran the yard

Told me, "Bust a funky rap, and you won't need a bodyguard"

Don't get me wrong, y'all, I'm far from soft

But for the next six months I was rappin my ass off

Now here we go, I had the whole jailhouse

Rockin back and forth, and even the wardens

Threw their hands in the air while I bust a rhyme

But now the chow line, y'all, was one big showtime

But that's when a riot jumped off

And they threw me in the box for startin it off

They told me for the next 7 months, if I laid low

Then I'd be egible for a furlough


[ VERSE 3: W.C. ]

Finally I'm out on a furlough

Back on the streets in a Coupe that's sittin kinda low

Yo, come to find that the group Low Pro done went solo

Now it's all aobut the Maad Circle

I'm hangin out with Tunes and Coolio

Drinkin out the brown paperbag, dodgin my P.O.

I'm only 'posed to be out for one day

But the judge don't know that I'm a runaway

Something like a fugitive, but I don't run, I bust back, y'all

No more sittin in the hole eatin chew balls

Now I pack my bag and grab my gat

And have the Maad Circle put me down on contract

And lay low like a snake in the grass

Change my profile and do away with the past

And now I'm gettin paid to be a vocalist

Accordin to the law, though I'm wanted on a hit list

Crazy Tunes, Coolio and Gee's the Maad Circle

And still to this day, yo, I'm out on a furlough


(He's probably twenty-somethin years old

And he gon' do 20, probably gon' do 20 years

That's what he hollerin about, you know?

Cause the guy, he's - he 20 years old

You know, he in his twenties

He's rude, and all that right there, you know

He might -

It's just like me:

I came in the penitentiary when I was 22 years old

You know, that's - that's the baby

You know, now - now I'm 40

You see what I'm sayin?

The man talkin bout he want me to do - 20 mo' years)

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