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Artist: WC and the Maad Circle
Song Title: Quick Way Out
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Down on my motherfuckin luck

Hangin at the park, shootin dice, and I just got.. bucked

And now I'm mad cause I'm broke as hell

Cause a nigga's unemployed plus I just got out of jail

So now I gotta come up on a lick

but the lick that I hit can't be no bullllllshit

So now I gotta call up my nigga

My nigga Ty, yeah, my homey from Wakeside

Yo nigga whassup?I need a lick

He told me to trip, he knew this fool up on 75th

who had a safe and a whole lot of yea

Two six-fours and a ragtop sittin on them thangs

He said this motherfucker was worth ten mill'

I said, "Cool then it's a done deal"

Went to the pad and grabbed the black ski-mask

Put it on tight so nobody could see my ass

So now I got the mac with the teller

just in case these motherfuckers wanna play Goodfellas

Called up the crew; aiy Coolio

This motherfucker said he knew this nigga with some loot

[C:] So what's it gonna be, jack kidnap or rape?

Nawww motherfucker just murder and a take

[C:] Cool, then set it up

Aight nigga here I come

Hung up the phone went to my room and I grabbed another gun

Slapped on my khakis, I'm gone

Went outside and jumped in the bucket, motherfucker it's on yeah

Three-wheel motion, throwin up the M

Nigga Dana Dane's what I call my rims

Scooped up Cool', now we in pursuit

Two niggaz with a plan to get some loot

Hit the one-ten on my way to my homeboy's house

Lookin for a quick way out, nigga


So now we at my nigga Ty house

Cookin up a plan on the best way to take this nigga out

Just got out of Quentin for a caper

and I don't wanna go back so motherfucker put it on paper

[C:] And no sooner than we got the info

I shot the nigga in the head with the fo'-fo'

I grabbed my mac when the motherfucker hit the flo'

God damn Coolio, what you shoot him fo'?

[C:] Look, I know you and you know me

but I don't know him and that's the way it's gonna be

Who's that nigga?

That was my homeboy nigga!

[C:] Yo fuck that nigga!WE CAN GET BIGGER!

So now we on our way to get paid

Rollin in a fucked up van with taped up license plates

Took the back way through the alley

And now we're sweatin cause we just took a hit from the wet daddy

[C:] Got out the van, hit the back gate

Everything's goin according to plan

I had the front and Dub had the back

I had the fo'-fo' and he had the mac

Now we runnin through the house like motherfuckin SWAT

and if anything move it's gonna get popped

Awwwww, there go the nigga that we lookin for


[C:] Now he's bound and gagged with duct tape

Dub, I got the motherfuckin safe


[C:] Jumped in the van and now we rollin

And I'm trippin off this fat-ass grip that I'm holdin

And the nigga, huh, don't worry about him

Took the combination and the yea and I shot him

We got the loot and now we in route

to get a motherfuckin drink and knock some boots

Big money big trout ain't no doubt

I'm lookin for a quick way out, motherfucker!

{*tires peel, instrumental interlude*


So now we on our way to the spot

A bucket full of ducats to drop before the streets get hot

But little did we know that the nigga we smoked

had some homies in the cut, sittin in the six-fo'

So now we gettin chased by some niggaz in the cut

but I bet this mac'll make they ass stay back

Hit up the gat, damn my shit is jammed

Good thing a nigga had a backup plan

But it's too late to grab the extra gat

Burnin rubber in the bucket and we cracked

[C:] So we jumped out the van and no matter what the cost

we had our mind set on sendin niggaz to Harris and Ross

But this time a nigga wasn't color blind

Fucked around and got smoked at the end of the crime

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