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Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al Yankovic Author
Album: Bad Hair Day (1996)
Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day Album
Song Title: Callin in Sick
Genre: Rock
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Gonna tell you a story
About Chuck and Diane.
Couple British kids from
The palace at Buckingham.
Chuckie wants to grow up
And be a polo star,
And ride his little horsies
All around the backyard. (oh yeah)
You know they really paid their dues.
I said hey, lawdy mama.
They got them Buckingham blues.
Now Chuckie goes hunting,
And leaves Diane alone.
So she fixes her hair,
And she talks on the Princess Phone.
Chuckie's still tryin' to figure out
What his job's supposed to be,
And Diane's the fashion leader
Of the aristocracy.
I said hey, Lady Di,
Tell me where'd you get them shoes? Ah,
Well hey nonny nonny,
Looks like you got them Buckingham blues.
Aw, bein' heir to the throne, well
It must be awful hard.
Gotta pose for pictures
Out on the front yard.
And Lady Di, well,
She must have it pretty rough.
Gotta hang around the house all day,
Makin' babies and stuff.
Another game of croquet,
Then they're off on a Caribbean cruise.
Well hey bop-a-re-bop,
They really got them Buckingham blues.
(Ah, tell it to me, now tell it to--wow!
Ah got my mojo workin'!)
They don't serve no Twinkies
With their afternoon tea.
Never had a dinner
Made by Chef Boy-ar-Dee.
Bein' in the spotlight
Is a hard life to choose.
Diane drops half a pound,
It's on the six o'clock news. Ah yeah,
Those kids have really paid their dues.
Aw, what a royal pain it is,
When you got them Buckingham blues.

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