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Artist: Weller Paul
Weller Paul Author
Album: Paul Weller (2006)
Weller Paul - Paul Weller Album
Song Title: Kosmos
Genre: Rock
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KOSMOS - Paul Weller

Life's complexities trouble your rise
As you attempt to ascend into the high
Is there nowhere else left to run
But to the Kosmos - men gaze - to look for heaven

Flying high - never come down
Flying high - don't know how to come down

Take a ride into the soon
Be the first one on the moon
Take a slide - come back to earth
But it's the Kosmos - men dare - to look for something

Flying high - never come down
Flying high - don't know how to come down

No time to spare - destiny is here
No time to lose - better if we choose
Less time to share - people stop and stare
To look for hope above the clouds - to look for heaven

A world away, a million light years
That's how far destruction seems
Now our dreams are sad, slow creatures
Dying to know - who am I? - what am I? - where am I to go?

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