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Artist: Wesley Willis
Wesley Willis Author
Album: Greatest Hits Vol. II (1999)
Wesley Willis - Greatest Hits Vol. II Album
Song Title: Cut the Mullet
Genre: Rock
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Do something about your long filthy hair
It looks like a rat's nest
Do something about your mullet
Get out the hair clippers, jerk

Cut the Mullet x4

Get the rat's nest off your head
Get that crazy-ass mullet off your skull
Take your ass to the barber shop
Tell the barber you're sick of looking like an asshole

Cut the mullet x4

The mullet is the reason why people hate you
They are sick of looking at your nappy wheat sack
No body wants to look at you with that mullet on your head
Why don't you cut that mullet, you numbskull?

Cut the mullet x4

Rock over London
Rock over Chicago
Sure White, it's the sure super store!

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