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Artist: Wet Boys
Song Title: Wet Boyz 4 Real
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Chorus 2x

You climb on a deal wet boys for real

Each and every city club they should feel

All playa hatas gotta bow and kneel

If you try to trip you'll get flipped with steel

You climb on a deal wet boys for real

Each and every city club they should feel

Made the right moves now we movin tough

Gotta holla at the city whats up

Hooked up with T-Bone and we puttin down

Newcomer with the tracks the tracks from uptown

Wet boy players going nationwide

Niggaz with the beef better run and hide

Sporty Records doing it making mega bucks

Cromed out bikes with the fire trucks

Had to lay it out with the sparkle plus

Supported by T thank you very much

Ain't notihng to it te way we do it

Set the date collabarate and just run through it

I been doing this shit since 84

99 coming up and I still got more

Oh check the flow doing good in the dough

Started off bad in class now I'm checking out the flow

My boy Lil Lee hooked me up with the game

(?) and I started my fame

First school in the city that was making tapes

Sporty as can be and I'm living great

Pops wasn't around when he put me in

Grab the first (?) and then

Chorus 2x

I got style that you wouldn't beleive

I flip a crew with the greatesr D

Man I'm doing this shit I can't lie

Told the whole shit bye bye

Making money with my crew making cash flow

Getting props in the streets with a doper throw

Not a hot boy but I burn like hell

Hit the charts do it smart mow I got to sell

Record bussiness move quick I got your hoe sick

Making so much on a slick

Now peep the come up cause I stand alone

Sellin tapes thats great for a car and a home

Ya'll can't see me with a telescope

Can't catch the record sales but you can smell the smoke

Got the bussiness all packed sporty records is back

Running gsme like a mack here me flippin the track

Wet boys for real headbusters we kill

Moving dope and trees all down in the deal

Look at me now I clock my own shit

Wrong nigga you should wanna fuck with

Chorus 2x

Ain't shit changed but the weather partner

Nothing but best want nothing less

Cromed out guns with the gold triggaz

(????) flip the best

Bot it down packed making big noise

Paper stacked with the wet boys

All the cameros bout to watch them go

Right before a (?) on the show room floor

Keepming up with my tapes gotta watch for fedz

If they catch a baller slppin they gon have that bag

Can't get popped cause I had to stop

Forget the dope game now I moved to hip hop

Got the rap down packed and you know my name

Independent like P bout to do it the same

Got players on my team making nothing but cream

Running over player haters who be trying to scheme

T-Bone on the map with the coldest tracks

Wet boys come up with the coldest raps

From the old style like I freestyle flow

Who want some of bit T-Bone?

Chorus 2x

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