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Artist: Wetton John
Wetton John Author
Album: Battle Lines (1994)
Wetton John - Battle Lines Album
Song Title: Sand In My Hand
Genre: Rock
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Here ends another day My emotions locked away And my
darkness is complete as the midnight sky You steal my
confidence My smile is my defense And I turn my face, so you
won't see me cry
How can you be so cold, and so out of control? As you pour
salt into my deepest cut of all My shattered heart, in pieces
now And I'm gazing at the fragments of my life
Hold Me Now, maybe just pretend I could be someone that
you might have loved before Hold Me Now, and let me
believe in a kiss that means nothing to you 'Cause it means
the world to me
Lord above, you sanctify your love And the barrier you built,
forces you not to care Break down that door, take my hand if
nothing more So when I'm falling, then I know that
someone's there
I wondered a thousand times, if I could love again But I will
overcome, what I can comprehend
The honesty I offer you Is as naked as your fear of loving me
Hold Me Now, let it never end Hold me like you've never
done before Hold Me Now, we don't have to pretend Smash
the chains and throw them to the floor Hold Me Now, and let
me believe that a kiss is the way it should be 'Cause it
means the world to me
It means the world to me

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