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Artist: Wheat
Wheat Author
Album: Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second (2003)
Wheat - Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second Album
Song Title: Go Get the Cops
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Don't be surprised there once was a light
All scuffed up and blurry it raced over time
Don't even try getting away
Go get the cops
Why don't you stop thinking it over?
Thinking it over, thinking it over.

One at a time, I'll knock them down
All of your friends when they come around
Before you go out in Saturday's best
I want the house, the house is a mess
If I knock your lights out, would you feel out of place?
Why don't you stay, we've got tonight
Come back inside
When you're ready to fight
Why don't you stop, rolling yours eyes

I'm thinking it over, I'm thinking it over
Thinking it over, thinking it over
I left my round behind, behind
Tonight I'll strive, tonight, tonight

Thinking it over, thinking it over
Thinking it over, thinking it over
Thinking it over

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