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Artist: Wheatus
Wheatus Author
Album: Hand Over Your Loved One (2003)
Wheatus - Hand Over Your Loved One Album
Song Title: American In Amsterdam
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Its only been an hour
but I think I feel the power,
tell me where do you guys wanna go to.
Well I could go for that
but ill need to buy a hat,
I think I saw some for sale on the small streets.

Can I play the game without a plan?
I think Pete has the map,
but tell me whats the difference,
Im do not know exactly where i am.
Im an American in Amsterdam,
Im an American in Amsterdam,
Im an American in Amsterdam,
Im an American in Amsterdam,
Im an American in...

Shannon thinks he's Jesus and he's standing in between us
preaching words that he doesn't believe,
I think that he is cracking coz he keeps calling me captain
and hes sparking

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